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Imre László imre.laszlo at q-web.hu
Wed Sep 22 19:53:01 UTC 2021

Yes, I know. I opened that thread. In april, when opened I've tried 
another hostname of course. The proiblem is that two DNS account created 
on the primary DC, Zentyal should use the short version (dns-HOSTNAME), 
but samba_upgradedns adds the long version (dns-FQDN). The latter is 
bad, I think.

2021. 09. 22. 21:47 keltezéssel, Rowland Penny via samba írta:
> On Wed, 2021-09-22 at 21:29 +0200, Imre László via samba wrote:
>> Please be patient, currently I do not have an usable domain
>> controller
>> for this job.
>> I will install one and send the information within 1-2 days. Thank
>> you
>> for your help!
> No problem, but when looking at the zentyal link you provided, I found
> that someone called 'imrelaszlo ' posted a link to:
> https://doc.zentyal.org/en/directory.html#know-limitations
> Where it says this :
>      Your hostname can not match your NETBIOS name, the NETBIOS name is
> generated using the left part of the domain, for example, if your
> hostname is ‘zentyal’ your domain can not be ‘zentyal.lan’, but it
> could be ‘zentyal-domain.lan’
> Which should either be:
>      The NETBIOS name must match your short hostname.
> Or:
>      Your NETBIOS domain name cannot match your computers hostname, the
> NETBIOS domain name is usually generated using the left part of the
> domain, for example, if your FQDN is ‘dc1.zentyal.lan’ your NETBIOS
> domain can not be ‘dc1.zentyal.lan’ or 'zentyal.lan but it could be
> ‘zentyal’ or anything you like as long as it is a single word 15
> characters or less.
> The 'netbios name' and 'netbios domain name' are different things.
> Rowland

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