[Samba] Best filesystem to use on Linux Samba fileserver given new VFS

Peter Smode psmode at kitsnet.us
Mon Sep 20 12:55:20 UTC 2021

I read in the https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/The_New_VFS post about the
improvements the O_PATH flag. What caught my eye was the differences in
processing that are also dependent on the underlying Linux filesystem:


The set of access rights that trigger an open() includes
READ_CONTROL_ACCESS. As a result, the open() will be done with at least
O_RDONLY. If the filesystem supports NT style ACLs natively (like GPFS or
ZFS), the filesystem may grant the user requested right READ_CONTROL_ACCESS,
but it may not grant READ_DATA (O_RDONLY).


For a use case of a dedicated Samba fileserver with AD control implemented
on Samba servers elsewhere, what would be the "best" underlying filesystem
to use from a performance perspective? Or, are the performance differences
minimal or outweighed by other considerations?


I have been using xfs to get out of needing to worry about inodes so much,
but if there is a better choice, I'd like to coordinate a filesystem change
with my migration to the new VFS. 




Peter Smode

 <mailto:psmode at kitsnet.us> psmode at kitsnet.us


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