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Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Tue Sep 14 18:16:49 UTC 2021

Am 12.09.21 um 21:48 schrieb Matt Oursbourn via samba:
> What I have noticed from looking at the Processes tab in System
> Monitor on the server: The server is on a 10GB network.  When I start
> a chia plot (~106Gb file) transfer from a client computer that is
> also connected to the 10Gb network the transfer starts off at
> ~1000Mb/s until the samba process is larger
> 32.5GiB. The largest I have seen is 39GiB.   The transfer rate then
> drops down to the hdd write speed of ~170Mb/s.  That samba process
> never
gets any
> smaller than 32.5GiB.  Even after the transfer is complete.
> If a client computer that is connected with a 1Gb nic starts a
> transfer, another samba process is spawned. That transfer stays
> around 130Mb/s
to 150
> Mb/s and the samba process grows to ~9GiB. After that transfer is
> complete the process drops down to ~5MiB.
> After a day of plotting and transferring ~100 plot files to the
> server
> those two computers there are still only the two samba processes
> running. Plotting has been stopped for several hours  and one is
> 32.5Gib, the other is 4.9Mib.

the pool-usage of the large process you'd sent me privately contains:

$ grep pthreadpool_tevent_job_state pool-usage\ smbd_32GiB.txt | wc -l

which means there are 6468 SMB2 WRITE requests pending at the server.

This is likely triggered because

- the client is sending data much faster then the server is writing data
to disk

- Samba returns SMB2 Async Interim Response for every received WRITE request

- These grant SMB2 credits to the client

- As a result the client is not throttled by a crediting window

Iirc we've seen this before some time ago and iirc a Windows server
behaves either doesn't send interim async responses or stops sending
them at some point.

To me this looks like a design flaw in the crediting logic, but we can't
change that so we have to adjust our write processing code to handle this.

Until that fix materializes (which may take some tim) you could disable
aio as a workaround in smb.conf by setting:

aio read size = 0
aio write size = 0


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