[Samba] Possible memory leak in

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Sep 12 09:21:24 UTC 2021

On Sun, 2021-09-12 at 11:15 +0200, Ralph Boehme via samba wrote:
> Am 09.09.21 um 23:38 schrieb Matt Oursbourn via samba:
> > Even if the file transfer is able to finish, samba never releases the
> > memory so the next file causes the crash pretty quickly. The only way to
> > reclaim the ram is to restart samba.
> can you run
> # smbcontrol pool-usage PID > pool-usage.txt
> on one of the memory eating processes *before* it has grown to multi-GB 
> in size and post it somewhere for download? The pool-usage command 
> prints a textual representation of the memory managed by the 
> hierarchical memory allocator "talloc" that is used by Samba for most 
> memory allocations.


Just a note on that.  While not nearly as sensitive as say a log file
(particularly of AD replication) please don't post that link to the
mailing list.  We try to redact the most sensitive strings in that but
it is hard for you to check when this gets massive, and what you think
is sensitive might not be the same as what we masked.

So just send it to Ralph and he can put it up in a private bug if it
needs to be shared.  I think you can also upload attachments marked as
private on our bugzilla (not sure).

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