[Samba] Status of Samba 4 DC or RODC with Exchange

Earl Tom earlytom at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 02:11:11 UTC 2021

I was looking at the Samba wiki, and I want to clarify my understanding of
what should work and what is not likely to work.

As a background - we are considering putting a microserver at every remote
work location that would run a VM of Samba as DC and a VM of Samba as file

We have some Samba domain member file servers already, and they work great
so I'm not worried about them.  All of our DCs have been Windows, though.
Also, we run Exchange so the AD schema has been extended with the Exchange

>From https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba/Status , it appears that
Exchange support isn't likely to work with Samba as the DC. However, it
looks like database replication improved in Samba 4.1.  The Exchange server
would only see Windows DCs at its site, so if we keep the FSMO roles on a
Windows DC, should it work to have multiple Samba4 DCs just replicate from

Also, Samba 4 RODCs would seem to be a perfect fit for what we're trying to
do.  The RODC entry on the status page says it's under development, but
that's also from 2012.  The DRS TODO page looks quite a bit more hopeful,
and it's from 2014.  Should this work if we set each to replicate from a
Windows DC?

In any case, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help,

Earl Tom

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