[Samba] Printserver after latest MS updates

Achim Gottinger achim at ag-web.biz
Fri Oct 29 10:59:53 UTC 2021

>> Indeed, which raises the quetion can kerberos be used with local
>> account?
> This all depends what you mean by 'local account' if you mean an
> account that is in /etc/passwd, then, no it will not work, because the
> user would be unknown to AD and hence, kerberos.
> Rowland
Hello Rowland,

I was talking about an local account on the windows client side. Authentication against the samba server is using NTLMSSP in this case. I thought the file explorer may use kerberos if an valid ticket
exists, which is not the case. Was just a wild guess.  Kerberos only works if an domain account is used to log in on the windows client.



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