[Samba] domain-free multi-user use cases

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Tue Oct 26 11:23:21 UTC 2021

Am 26.10.21 um 13:00 schrieb Eric Levy via samba:

> Such observations may be, I hope, useful toward putting aside orthodox
> perception, and framing the matter through broader clarity, I hope to
> show that a wish to create a multiuser mount without a domain
> controller is in principle rather sensible, and not, in the most
> general case, diminished by many of the common objections.

As I mentioned earlier most people in your situation and setup would opt 
for NFS with its limitations. Also as I said pam_mount would in the end 
result do what you want. So I think it very unlikely that this would be 
implemented in Samba.

> To close on a more concrete remark, NFS currently has limitations, as
> stated previously, of its own, including the insistence on matching
> numeric user identifiers, and lack of support for password
> authentication. Features useful for Samba might be considered
> separately from those available in NFS.

Most people would use NFS in similar situations. They would restrict the 
NFS to be only mounted (or even only accessible) by clients that honour 
the requirement for Password auth. NFS can also support ACLs to make 
this more fine grained.

I don't speak for the samba team. I just think your use case is just to 
small to really relevant.

Or do others think different here?



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