[Samba] disable automatic creation of computer accounts

Angel Bosch Mora abosch at imasmallorca.net
Mon Oct 25 13:00:21 UTC 2021

> Alter your script so that it does what it does now, plus joins the
> machine and run it on the machine to be joined. Or you could script
> around 'net ads join' and only attempt the join if the computer
> already
> exists in AD.

First part (new computer script) is already done and it runs supervised by some sysadmins.

Second part (join domain) is done by some low profile assistants, and for security reasons we need that no one adds a machine by mistake or intentionally.

In Samba 3 (NT4 PDC style) it was enough with modifying "add machine script" parameter, but I've been testing different settings without success.

And I know is a common policy in some environments:

In that article they discuss about "Add workstations to domain" right.
Can I enforce that via smb.conf or any other setting?


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