[Samba] RODC update/upgrade

Ilias Chasapakis forumZFD chasapakis at forumZFD.de
Thu Oct 7 15:44:29 UTC 2021


I did a minor upgrade on an RO DC from 4.14.7 to 4.14.8 following the
instructions from the wiki for the "in place" one, but for AD DC.

I had run samba-tool dbcheck before upgrade and got no errors. Then I
did the upgrade and then after a post upgrade dbcheck I found that
nearly all records were signed as to fix. Did use dbcheck --fix and all
records started scrolling during check and were eventually reported as

Checking back again I was surprised to find that it reported checked all
records and (1 errors) between parenthesis. Tried again with --fix. The
erros stays between parenthesis. I checked if I had login problems to
the RO DC from a client and noticed no strange behaviour.

> samba-tool dbcheck --fix
> Checking 2000 objects
> Checked 2000 objects (1 errors)

But the result is the same even when using -v option and checking the
output for error reporting lines or clues.

Perhaps I am missing something fundamental here as to how the RODC
database should be treated.

Last information: I forced replication from an AD DC and eventually
succeeded without errors. Re-issuing samba-tool dbcheck, gave the same
output. Please note that the original AD DC for replication had dbcheck
without errors (only two "notes").

Could you help me out in finding where I can search for the actual error
and fix it, or point out if I am completely out of path because I miss
something in the base concept of an RODC? Should I just skip dbcheck
completely because not applicable on an RO DC (could give false
results/positives) due to its nature?

Thank you very much in advance.

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