[Samba] Samba and Winbind Group Policy

David Mulder dmulder at samba.org
Thu Oct 7 14:07:09 UTC 2021

On 10/7/21 7:19 AM, Robert Marcano via samba wrote:
> This is great to know, amazing work. Do anyone know of someone working 
> on a console based GPO editor. I remotely manage some small networks and 
> it is becoming really painful to have to use remote desktop to fix some 
> GPO some local sysadmin needs help, specially on small business Internet 
> connections that tend to be saturated, and our country bad ISPs with 2MB 
> "super mega fast" internet service.
> Now that I see this kind of work, is there some documentation on the GPO 
> file formats? Is the samba code base to parse them reusable enough to 
> experiment building a console based GPO editor? I am starting to think I 
> should invest some time on this.

I just remembered the folks at altlinux have also been working on a gpmc 
gui. Take a look at this project: https://github.com/altlinux/admc
That project builds both an aduc and gpmc.

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