[Samba] Exclamation point (!) in password

Tobias Kirchhofer collect at shift.agency
Thu Oct 7 11:19:32 UTC 2021


recently we updated our Samba AD and Samba fileserver to 4.15.0-SerNet-RedHat-4.el8 and discovered a problem with a user wanted to connect to a samba share from a current macOS. The user has a exclamation point (!) at the very end of the password string. Samba disagrees with that and replies with an authentication error.

Testwise we changed the ‚!‘ to the penultimate character and the logon works again.

This behaviour must be introduced with a version after 14.13 where we came from. Is this a known issue? Could not find something.

Thanks anyway for a great software!


collect at shift.agency

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