[Samba] Orphan SPN

Oljas Kuzembaev oljas at oml.su
Wed Nov 24 20:24:21 UTC 2021

Thank you!

I am on FreeBSD and my knowledge of sed is poor. Trying to adapt to my 
shell, I`ve butchered your line to this:

# samba-ldbsearch -H ldap://home.oml.su -P -b "dc=oml,dc=su" | grep cifs

that lists some osX machines:

servicePrincipalName: cifs/air1411.oml.su
servicePrincipalName: cifs/macpro2008.oml.su
servicePrincipalName: cifs/macmini20151116.oml.su
servicePrincipalName: cifs/macbook-air-150.oml.su

But no sign of SPN cifs/oml.su, which I am looking for.

Is that because of bad interpretation of your line?

On 24.11.2021 22:43, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> Running this on a Samba AD DC, should show the SPN:
> ldbsearch -Hldap://"$(hostname -s)" -P -b "dc=$(echo "$(hostname -d)"
> | sed 's/\./,dc=/g')" -s sub "(servicePrincipalName=cifs/oml.su)"
> servicePrincipalName samAccountName

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