[Samba] Failed to prepare gensec: NT_STATUS_INVALID_SERVER_STATE

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Nov 23 00:55:52 UTC 2021

On Mon, 2021-11-22 at 19:46 +0100, Flole via samba wrote:
> I'm seeing the same issue since updating to 4.13 on my Ubuntu system
> and 
> I have done additional debugging and reported an issue for the
> Ubuntu 
> package at 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/1951490.
> To sum it up here aswell:
> Enabling debug logs show that this is caused by the ownership of a 
> directory which samba complains is not matching:
> [2021/11/19 01:48:37.482365, 4, effective(30000XX, 100),
> real(30000XX, 
> 0)] 
> ../../source3/rpc_server/rpc_ncacn_np.c:110(make_internal_rpc_pipe_so
> cketpair)
>    Create of internal pipe \pipe\spoolss requested
> [2021/11/19 01:48:37.485785, 3, effective(30000XX, 100),
> real(30000XX, 
> 0)] ../../lib/util/util.c:483(directory_create_or_exist_strict)
>    directory_create_or_exist_strict: invalid ownership on directory 
> /var/lib/samba/private/msg.sock
> [2021/11/19 01:48:37.485807, 1, effective(30000XX, 100),
> real(30000XX, 
> 0)] ../../source3/auth/auth_samba4.c:248(prepare_gensec)
>    imessaging_init failed
> The issue is caused by /var/lib/samba/private/msg.sock being owned
> by 
> root:root in my case (and it gets created with those permissions
> aswell 
> if I delete it), but 
> https://github.com/samba-team/samba/blob/db11778b57610e24324aa4342f89918f66157d71/source4/lib/messaging/messaging.c#L507 
> uses geteuid() which is sometimes the user ID of the connecting user
> (as 
> can be seen above, XX is the number that represents the uid of the 
> windows user connecting).
> I am not sure if this is related to my "unable to print"-issue but
> this 
> happens whenever I try to print and whenever the print queue is 
> refreshed by a client.

Thanks for looking into this.  This looks like something you should
report in our bugzilla (not much can be done on the Ubuntu side, so the
launchpad report is only useful to attempt to get the fix backported
there).  Regardless I've sent you an invite.  

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