[Samba] Tweaking Spotlight

Perttu Aaltonen perttu.aaltonen at mac.com
Fri Nov 19 19:07:54 UTC 2021

> On 19 Nov 2021, at 14.20, Ralph Boehme via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>> 2. Searching by file name is case-sensitive. I’m not sure how and
>> where to tweak it so Samba would return results with any case. Has
>> anyone done this modification?
> hm, I don't remember off hand, but I guess this depends on how the indexer configures the indexes.

For anyone finding this thread later, you need to modify fscrawler’s default mapping file “_settings.json”.

Add this to the analysis section:

      "normalizer": {
        "useLowercase": {
            "type": "custom",
            "filter": [ "lowercase" ]

And this to “filename” under mappings:

"normalizer": “useLowercase"

Now searches by name are case-insensitive. You have to destroy the index and start over though.


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