[Samba] Possible Bug in vfs_fruit with encoding=native

Dominik Vogel windoze345 at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 17 16:11:05 UTC 2021

Hi Ralph,

that patch allows the „ad_convert_delete_adfile“ to succeed. (However, the log still shows the unconverted name in the success message.)

But setting of the icon still doesn’t work. Strangely I’m getting a „user.org.netatalk.Metadata“ xattr on the Icon-File and no AppleDouble.
fruit:resource is set to file in my smb.conf.

What can I do to debug this further?

Dominik Vogel

> Am 15.11.2021 um 17:06 schrieb Ralph Boehme <slow at samba.org>:
> On 11/15/21 16:43, Dominik Vogel via samba wrote:
>> Anyone got an Idea?
> you could try attached patch.
> -slow
> -- 
> Ralph Boehme, Samba Team                 https://samba.org/
> SerNet Samba Team Lead      https://sernet.de/en/team-samba
> <abouble.patch>

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