[Samba] [EXTERNAL] Re: Server Mandatory SMB Signing Not Working

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Nov 14 19:32:41 UTC 2021

On Sun, 2021-11-14 at 14:14 -0500, Philip Cunio wrote:
> Yes, working on those. We need local accounts created as we have
> issues using uid ranges out of AD. Does the idmap replace the add
> user script functionality? That's why the add user script is useful
> for us - when it works.  Does the idmap replace the add user script
> functionality? Also, does having winbindd running override the add
> user script?

This is what you need the 'idmap config' lines for.
Each object in AD (users, groups, computers etc) have a unique SID.
This SID is made up from the Domain SID with a RID on the end. If you
use the winbind 'rid' backend, the RID is used to calculate a Unix ID,
using the domain low range you set in smb.conf. So if the low range is
10000 and the RID is 1107, it is used with this calculation:


The BASE_RID is normally '0' unless you change it (not advised), so the
calculation becomes:

ID = 1107 - 0 + 10000

ID = 11107

If the users name is fred, then fred's Unix ID would be 11107 and there
would be no need for a user 'fred' in /etc/passwd (or whatever AIX
uses), so you would not need to create users locally (which is the
whole reason behind AD, you only create users, groups etc in one place)


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