[Samba] smbclient with kerberos

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Fri Nov 12 19:01:52 UTC 2021

Hi to all,

after some work at home and in the garden, I now have time to test 4.15 :-)
I try the new smbtools with smbclient. In older versions I did a
kinit user
smbclient -L addc01.example.net -k
And I was not ask for my password again, like I expected. He it's
kerberos it's single sign on.

With 4.15 I do
kinit user
smbclient -L addc01.example.net -k
And I was asked for my password. I read in the releasenode that some
parameters are removed, but not "-k". I then looked in the manpage of
smb.conf an fond the parameter
 client use kerberos
The default is to use Kerberos if present. BUT how? I want single sign
on when a Kerberos-ticket exists.

If I set "client use kerberos = required" that works, without a
Kerberos-ticket I can't uses smbclient anymore, but still need to type
my password.

So how can in ,again, use smbclient together with Kerberos and single
sign on?

BTW. the Option "-k" is no longer mentioned in the manpage of
"smbclient" but is not mentioned in the releasenode as "removed option"


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