[Samba] Read Only files, Extended Attributes and Microsoft Office Documents

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Nov 11 15:28:05 UTC 2021


> [shared]
> 	comment = Shared file space
> 	path = /home/samba/shared
> 	force group = users
> 	group = users
> 	read only = No
> 	create mode = 0664
> 	force create mode = 0664
> 	directory mode = 0775
> 	force directory mode = 0775
> 	inherit permissions = Yes
> 	guest ok = Yes

Read : 
And change the directory mode. 

This .. 
> A server that has been fine for years, is now causing a small problem.
No, the server is not changed, the clients did. 
The longer you wait with updating the server, the harder it will get to keep
everything running. 

> This WAS possible and was working fine before a recent Ubuntu server update.
+ and windows updates

This part. 
> That '+' shows that extended ACL's exist, you can see these with 'getfacl'.

Thanks, here is the output of 'getfacl' on the test folder...

You say, the .txt and the .doc is saved from a windows pc. 
Thats true but also no true. 

After you opened and you save a .txt, its save and done. 
After you opened a word doc, its ~RanD0m.tmp , press save and ~RanD0m.tmp is renamed to the .doc name. 

As you see these 2 process are not simular. 
Oplocks can bug the .doc where .txt doesnt have that. (as far i know then). 

Now, why the .txt does not have a acl set and the .doc.. Saved from the same pc? 
Thats one i dont know also. 

So, 2 solutions here. 

1) set 2775 on the folders and hope for the best in the future.
2) update the servers and for see a great future without/less hassel. 

And remember, less is better, less installed, less thing changed in smb.conf. 

I hope this helped a bit. 



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