[Samba] How do users access shares?

Robert Marcano robert at marcanoonline.com
Tue Nov 9 01:02:37 UTC 2021

On Mon, Nov 8, 2021, 7:02 PM Rob Campbell <robcampbell08105 at gmail.com>

> Thanks Robert.  I have tried that but it requires root or sudo.  OR chmod
> u+s /bin/mount /bin/umount /usr/sbin/mount.cifs.  But then it requires I
> put it in /etc/fstab.  If I do that, it will mount for all users, right?
> That's not what I want.

If you want users to be able to mount a share, specially if you want the
target directory to be private to each user, you probably will need to
check how desktop environments do it for their file managers. I can only
talk about GNOME that it is what I use every day.

When you use a file manager like GNOME Files (Nautilus) to access a smb
share with a the smb URL scheme (smb://hostname/share), it mounts a FUSE
filesystem (file system in userspace) that access the share via a process
that uses Samba client libraries.

Maybe you could use gnome-mount or the newer "gio mount", or you can use
desktop agnostic FUSE filesystems like smbnetfs or fusesmb.

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> On Mon, Nov 8, 2021 at 3:08 PM Robert Marcano via samba <
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>> On 11/8/21 11:40 AM, Rob Campbell via samba wrote:
>> > I am able to smbclient //host/share -U redhat -c 'ls' and view the files
>> > but how do I mount that [as a user]?  All links I find say I need to
>> put it
>> > in /etc/fstab.  If I do that, won't everyone have access?  I don't want
>> > that.  You know how you would 'net use' to map in Windows, is this not
>> > possible in Linux?
>> >
>> Whe you mount a share on Linux, you are using another client that is
>> part of the kernel, not smbclient that is a user space implementation.
>> Try
>> mount -t cifs -o username=redhat //host/share /mnt/target_dir
>> You will need to have installed the mount.cifs utility. Read the manual
>> page of that command if you want to automate more parameters like the
>> password.
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