[Samba] translating my samba4 book

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Mon Nov 8 18:57:06 UTC 2021

Because some of you would like to help to translate my book from German
in to English, I will give it another try (the last one). So who would
like to help? I don't need anyone who is just talking, I need workers
;-). So here are the rules:
1. You should be a native English speaker, or speak a very good English
2. You should be able to read German, or know how get help for the first
translation ;-).
3. You  need time to do the work
4. You must meet deadlines!!!!
5. You like to work for glory and honor (writing IT-book will never make
you rich, trust me I already wrote a few:-) )

What I will do:
I'll give you the original German text as LaTex-files (each chapter one
file) so you might do the first translation via google, but don't leave
it this way ;-) You must create the screenshots with an English Windows.
In my book everything is in German, because it's written in German for
the German speaking market.

I will find a publisher for the book and get a contract. All of you will
be part of the contract. This kind of contracts always has DEADLINES!!!!
If we, or just one person, do not fulfill the deadline it will cost our
money! So again think again if you can do it.

I know how to write a book with more then two authors, so I think I can
handle this.

I hope I will find a publisher who uses TeX to build the book, then all
I need from you is just the translation as ASCII-text, or if you
familiar with TeX you can format your part.

If you can write it in TeX, I will create a list how to format:
- commands
- parameters
- terms
- listings
- URLs
- warning-boxes

I will put all chapters together so it finally ends up as a book. If we
can use TeX, there will be a main document which includes all chapters a
single files, so the book can be compiled in any stage.

I will do the correction after everything was checked by a, editor.

I will do all the communication with the publisher.

I think to get the translation fast, we need at least three people to
translate the chapters.

I would set up a mailinglist for the communication between all of us.

I think the best way to share the chapters would be a git-repository. I
could set up a git-repository on my cloud-space (with some help, me and
git are not really good friends).

So who thinks: "I can do it and I like to take part on this project"
please write a mail to stefan at kania-online.de. BUT rethink twice, it's
NOT a game!!

PLEASE do me and the project a big favor only write if you RELAY can
fulfill all of the 5 topics.

Btw Everyone who takes part will find his name on the cover of the book,
I promise.

So let the project begin.

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