[Samba] NTP service: ntp daemon exiting

Ilias Chasapakis forumZFD chasapakis at forumZFD.de
Mon Nov 8 15:58:02 UTC 2021

Hello to all!

We have 3 replicating samba4 AD DC´s with ntp (daemon+utils) version
1:4.2.8p12+dfsg-4 installed on the same subnet.

The ntp service dies on 2 of them (samba 4.13.13) after a short time (2
to 4 minutes). The third AD DC runs samba version 4.14.9.

This is an excerpt of the status:

> ntpd[14033]: ntpd 4.2.8p12 at 1.3728-o (1): Starting
> ntpd[14033]: Command line: /usr/sbin/ntpd -p /var/run/ntpd.pid -g -u
> 107:113
> systemd[1]: Started Network Time Service.
> ntpd[14039]: proto: precision = 0.125 usec (-23)
> ntpd[14039]: MS-SNTP signd operations currently block ntpd degrading
> service to all clients.
> ntpd[14039]: restrict default: KOD does nothing without LIMITED.
> ntpd[14039]: switching logging to file /var/log/ntp
> systemd[1]: Stopping Network Time Service...
> systemd[1]: ntp.service: Succeeded.
> systemd[1]: Stopped Network Time Service.

We have tried changing permissions to /var/lib/samba/ntp_signd to the
ones as on the working machine and in general confronted the
configuration files (ntp.conf, smb.conf etc.) to see what could be
different, to no avail.

My colleague then used the guide here so as to do things from scratch on
one of the failing ones:


but the ntp service exited again with "Signal 15 (Terminated)".

What we want is having the DC to distribute the time to (mainly windows)
clients correctly independently on which machine they land on to
authenticate. But of course if the ntp service does not work at all on 2
out of 3 machines, well, this becomes difficult.

Would it be possible to have some guidance on where to check better for

Thank you.


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