[Samba] Samba4 + FreeIPA

David Mulder dmulder at samba.org
Thu Nov 4 19:39:11 UTC 2021

On 11/3/21 7:09 AM, Robert Marcano via samba wrote:
> On the other hand, if your fleet of machines is mainly Linux, like some 
> of my installations where Windows is restricted to some management or 
> special users that require it, while the other majority is full of OLTP 
> application users running Linux. I would go with the dual installation, 
> there are features that FreeIPA gives on these environments like an 
> integrated Certificate authority and automated certificate distribution 
> and renewal, that will requiredmanual integration on a Samba AD 
> installation.

Samba integrates with the MS certificate authority via Certificate Auto 

And it is all automated via Group Policy. There is no manual integration 

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