[Samba] Using samba-tool to join a linux file server to the domain doesn't appear to work

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Nov 3 10:06:50 UTC 2021

On Wed, 2021-11-03 at 04:58 -0500, Patrick Goetz via samba wrote:
> Looks like I need to re-architect the whole system to use an
> internal 
> DHCP server, because setting a static IP on the host appears to be 
> causing issues:
> root at data2:/etc/samba# samba-tool domain join ea.linuxcs.com MEMBER
> -U 
> administrator
> Password for [EA\administrator]:
> Joined domain EA (S-1-5-21-2398640129-655337111-1434392923)
> However, the host isn't known to the samba DC:
> root at samba-dc:~# host data2
> root at samba-dc:~#

What version of Samba are you using ?
Your join method only works with Samba >= 4.15.0


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