[Samba] LabView build directory / inherit owner / smb_set_file_dosmode not permitted

Stephan Roth stephan.roth at ee.ethz.ch
Mon May 31 15:12:51 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I have the problem of an application (LabView 2019) trying to create a 
directory (to build an executable application in) which fails when 
"inherit owner = Yes" is set.

According to the log, it fails when calling smb_set_file_dosmode for the 
directory it wants to create:

[2021/05/31 16:46:25.741729,  2] 
   smb_set_file_dosmode: file_set_dosmode of labviewtest/builddir failed 
(Operation not permitted)

When I set ""inherit owner = No" the directory is created and owned by 
the user running the application.

I'd like to keep "inherit owner = Yes".

Is there a possible workaround from the Samba side to fake 
smb_set_file_dosmode as being permitted and ignoring the function call?

I tried setting "write list = testuser" (where testuser was running the 

application) without success.

I'm using Samba from Debian Stretch (4.5.16+dfsg-1+deb9u4)

Thanks for any ideas or hints!

- Stephan

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