[Samba] How to update Samba changing installation paths

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon May 31 09:57:53 UTC 2021

On 31/05/2021 10:30, Antonio Trogu via samba wrote:
> Thanks, Rowland. But I'm afraid I can't do as you suggest because each 
> one of these servers is the only DC (and also file server) of it's AD 
> domain - I know this is not recommended, but (they all serve small 
> sites) that's the way it is at the moment :( So I hoped I could 
> directly update them, possibly changing paths too...

That's different and not entirely what you posted 😁

You are heading for a lot of problems if you try to move everything from 
packages to a self compiled Samba, you will have to identify the 
required files and where to move them to. Depending on your existing 
version of Samba, you may have existing files that need to be removed 
and files that require creating.

> And the reasons why we are passing from packages to self compiled are: 
> 1) we never needed Sernet support in many years, 2) we are very happy 
> of the compiled installations already in use, and 3) obviously saving.

It is my understanding (and I am sure that someone will correct me if I 
am wrong) you do not get any support with the Sernet packages.

By using a self compiled version of Samba, you are taking on identifying 
if any files have been removed (this happens from time to time) from 
Samba and will need to remove them from your installs, the compile will 
not remove them from disk.

You do not say which OS you are using, but if it Debian based, you can 
find Samba packages here: https://apt.van-belle.nl/

All Louis asks for is a small donation and that is optional.

What ever method you decide to use to update Samba, I would join a new 
DC and then demote the old one


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