[Samba] Debian 10 Samba 4.14.4 No acces to SYSVOL and NETLOGON from Windows 10

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri May 28 12:14:28 UTC 2021

On 28/05/2021 13:00, Mueller wrote:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Package_Dependencies_Required_to_Build_Samb
> a#Operating_System-independent_Overview
> There bash script for Debian 10 buster
> Other nedds installed like told on this page.
> wget https://download.samba.org/pub/samba/stable/samba-4.14.3.tar.gz
> tar -zxf samba-4.14.3.tar.gz
> cd samba-4.14.3
> ./configure  --enable-fhs   --with-systemd --prefix=/usr
> --systemd-install-services  --sbindir=/usr/sbin   --bindir=/usr/bin
> --sysconfdir=/etc  --datadir=/usr/share   --libdir=/usr/lib64
> --localstatedir=/var      --enable-selftest

You have installed 4.14.4 over the original 4.9.5 packages, this isn't a 
good idea, there could be old unused packages.

If you are going to build Samba yourself, either build debs that will 
replace the installed packages, or put everything into /usr/local/samba 
(the default) and adjust the PATH variable to use your new Samba. There 
is also the problem that /usr/lib64 doesn't exist on Debian by default.

Your other option is to use another repo, such as the one provided by 
Louis: https://apt.van-belle.nl/


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