[Samba] Samba groups vs Linux groups.

Jason Long hack3rcon at yahoo.com
Sat May 8 11:20:02 UTC 2021

Thank you. 

On Friday, May 7, 2021, 01:46:12 PM GMT+4:30, Rowland penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote: 

On 07/05/2021 09:56, Jason Long via samba wrote:
> Hello,
> When I use "samba-tool group create "GROUPNAME"" command to create a group, then that is not a normal Linux group?

It sounds like you need to forget a lot of what you know about Samba and 
learn the new ways of doing things.

Here is an example:

rowland at devstation:~$ getent passwd rowland
rowland:*:10000:10000:Rowland Penny:/home/rowland:/bin/bash
rowland at devstation:~$ cat /etc/passwd | grep rowland
rowland at devstation:~$

As you can see, I am quite clearly a Unix user, but I am not in /etc/passwd

All your users and groups are created in AD and you map them to Unix 
users and groups with the 'idmap config' lines in your smb.conf

If you do not want to add anything extra to AD, the easiest method is 
the winbind 'rid' backend, but you only get Unix IDs

If you want users to have different home dirs, shells etc, you need to 
use the 'ad' backend, but you must add rfc2307 attributes to AD

If you have trusted domains, then there is the 'autorid' backend which 
works similarly to the 'rid' backend

You can find more info here:



> For example:
> # wbinfo -g
> MYDOMAIN\cert publishers
> MYDOMAIN\ras and ias servers
> MYDOMAIN\allowed rodc password replication group
> MYDOMAIN\denied rodc password replication group
> MYDOMAIN\dnsadmins
> MYDOMAIN\enterprise read-only domain controllers
> MYDOMAIN\domain admins
> MYDOMAIN\domain users
> MYDOMAIN\domain guests
> MYDOMAIN\domain computers
> MYDOMAIN\domain controllers
> MYDOMAIN\schema admins
> MYDOMAIN\enterprise admins
> MYDOMAIN\group policy creator owners
> MYDOMAIN\read-only domain controllers
> MYDOMAIN\dnsupdateproxy
> MYDOMAIN\login2
> # getent group
> root:x:0:
> bin:x:1:
> daemon:x:2:
> ...
> user1:x:982:
> login:x:1000:user2,user3
> user2:x:981:
> user3:x:980:
> In the output of the "wbinfo -g" command, I can't see "login" group and in the output of the "getent group" command, I can't see "login2" group.
> Thanks.

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