[Samba] DNS returns a wrong ip address

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Mar 30 14:21:56 UTC 2021

On 30/03/2021 14:55, Peter Boos wrote:
> Well its actually a Rasberpi that is involved in presenting some debugging test online.
> We also don't set connections to register in DNS.

Turn off wlan0

Just been there, just done that 😂

> I went trough all our zones, listing all IP's (one can sort based upon IP, to quickly find something)
> But it did not reveal any host containing this IP number.
> And yes I'm aware the Windows internet naming system, WINS is not DNS, a great relief :))
> I just wanted to be sure to it wasn't a wrong cashed wins result. (despite DNS wins lookup is disabled as well)
> Just for the record neither it is a hosts file entry on the DNS server.
> So I do not know where this IP number comes from, despite that DNS hands it out.

In an effort to be greener, I am moving to rpi4 DC's and so I know all 
about the problems of having two network devices, I had to turn of wifi, 
otherwise I ended up with two ipaddresses for the DC

> PS I always switch to text based email for emails to this forum.
> Is that needed ?  we're normally using webmail format, (kopano)

The problem with webmail is that most of them are, by default, HTML and 
it is that which is the problem, I prefer text emails but others may 
have different opinions.


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