[Samba] Samba Compiled From Source, Where Are The SystemD Unit Files?

Dachshund Digital dachshund-digital at dc.rr.com
Tue Mar 23 18:19:58 UTC 2021

And take all the fun out of it... cough.  Per the site you listed, ARMHF 
is only up to 4.11.  But seems to reference 4.12 and 4.13 for ARM HF.

"This server contains packages for Samba on Debian 
<http://www.debian.org/> Jessie (8) and Debian <http://www.debian.org/> 
Stretch (9) amd64/i386 and Buster (10) amd64/i386 (samba 4.11 only, 
armhf) and Ubuntu <http://www.ubuntu.com/> Bionic Beaver (18.04) 

"Raspbian Buster: (armhf/sources)
Per 12-Nov 2019 in raspbian-buster-samba411 repo. armhf only, Only 
Security update untill 4.14. is release.
Samba 4.11 
<https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Release_Planning_for_Samba_4.11> is 
repo name : raspbian-buster-samba411, current package list : klik here 
Security releases only
Due to the time involved building Raspian packages, switch to Buster 412 
or 4.13 and its armhf packages, these work fine on Raspbian."

But I still need profiling, so may end up compiling anyway.  :)


On 03/23/2021 10:44, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> On 23/03/2021 17:16, Dachshund Digital via samba wrote:
>> Figured that might be the case, I copied the Debian 10 unit files for 
>> smbd and nmbd, make the applicable changes, then discovered that smbd 
>> is is failing after compile, make, make test, make install all 
>> successful (on Pi 4 native, not a cross compile).  So am a bit 
>> surprised.  Environment is Raspberry Pi OS 32bit for ARMv7 HF.  Is 
>> there any thing special that needs to be done for Pi devices when 
>> compiling from source?  Beyond the obvious required packages before 
>> compile? Would have expected ./configure to throw a fit if there was 
>> something special needed specific for Pi? Unfortunately, the Debian 
>> 10 buster variant of Raspberry Pi OS only has a Samba 4.9 version 
>> level and even the yet to be released (as stable) Raspberry Pi OS 
>> based on Bullseye only has 4.12 included.  So I guess the package 
>> maintainers are a bit behind the curve given 4.14 is available as 
>> stable.  What started be down this path was the need for profiling 
>> support, which is not included by default in the Debian 10 packages.
> Easiest way out of this, go here: https://apt.van-belle.nl/
> Stop compiling Samba yourself 😁
> Rowland

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