[Samba] Disable NETBIOS during "domain provision" or "domain join" (Samba 4 AD)

Johannes Kastl kastl at b1-systems.de
Sat Mar 20 09:34:19 UTC 2021

Good morning everyone,

first off, sorry if this question was answered before, I found nothing matching 
my queries (or my search foo is just too bad...). Apologies if there is 
documentation which I managed to miss...

1. Is there a way to disable NETBios during the initial provisioning of a domain 
via "samba-tool domain provision"?

2. Is there a way to disable NETBios during joining a secondary DC / read-only 
DC via "samba-tool domain join..."?

I found these instructions to disable it later, but then I would still have the 
netbios-names somewhere in DNS (and maybe other places...). And I am not sure if 
those are intended for file servers or if those are supposed to be used on Samba 
4 AD DCs at all.

        disable netbios = yes
        smb port = 445

In my case the hostnames of the machines are too long to result in different 
netbios names (15 characters is very short), and I am guessing that this might 
be one of the reasons my playground setup is failing to fully work.
(Once I have dug further I might return with explicit questions and error 
message, currently I am just curious if disabling NETBios is possible)

3. If disabling is not possible, is it possible to set the NETBios name during 
initial "domain provisioning" or "domain join"?

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,

Johannes Kastl
Linux Consultant & Trainer
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