[Samba] Getting the time to work with a DC inside an LXC container

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Mar 15 13:17:57 UTC 2021

On 15/03/2021 12:23, Oleg Blyahher via samba wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Running Samba DC Version 4.12.10-Debian on Debian 10, inside a 
> privileged LXC on a host with Ubuntu 20.04 with LXD.
> I've migrated to this one from another setup that wasn't working so 
> well, but that had a working time server.
> I had tried following this wiki article: 
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Time_Synchronisation but to no avail. 
> Both Chrony and ntpd want access to the host's kernel and don't really 
> work.
> I've also edited the group policy so that domain-joined clients will 
> simply use Microsoft's default time servers, but
> *w32tm /query /source*
> returns "Local CMOS Clock".
> What's the easiest way of telling domain joined machines where to look 
> for the time? I'm perfectly fine with using someone else's time servers.

That would be a Windows problem, but even if your clients keep perfect 
time, your DC might not and could get out of sync with your clients.

Samba (like Windows) supports using the DC with the PDC_Emulator FSMO 
role as the ultimate timeserver in an AD domain, so that DC must be able 
to get its time from an external time server.


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