[Samba] winbind use default domain problem after upgrade

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Mar 10 17:21:44 UTC 2021

On 10/03/2021 16:46, Perttu Aaltonen via samba wrote:
> My assumption was that “winbind use default domain” affects the user mapping when they authenticate an SMB connection. So if the user hasn’t provided the domain part it will add the domain/workgroup part automatically. But now in my testing it seems that it doesn’t actually affect this. Setting it to ’no’ doesn’t block authenticating with only the username part and I can see in the log that “\user” is still mapped to “DOMAIN\user”.
> This is how it works for me in Samba 4.10.5. I’m trying to find the exact version where authenticating with only the username part breaks for me and while doing that I noticed this. That this parameter doesn’t appear to work the way I thought it would, meaning it affecting the mapping of the username to domain user.

OK, it doesn't matter how I try to connect or log in, I can use 
'username' or 'DOMAIN\username' and it works for myself, from Linux to 
Linux, Windows to Linux. From the multiple 'fruit' lines, it is probably 
a good guess that you are using a Mac OS, so have you considered that 
this may in fact be a Mac problem ?


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