[Samba] Allow only one computer SMB v1

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Jun 29 21:02:04 UTC 2021

There are 21 people in the room.
One speaks *both* English and French (the server.)
19 Speak ONLY English. (SMB2+ stations)
1 Speaks only French. (SMB1 legacy client)

The server will only speak French to the one french speaker (SMB1) and only English to the english speakers (SMB2+) (or anyone else).

The server can talk to each, and convey on their files to each other. (Though in reality, the SMB-1 client will only send SMB files, to the share, it doesn't need any real access other than a place to save the file.)

The SMB2+ clients will access the files that SMB1 stored on the share.

There, does that help?

RPvs> On Tue, 2021-06-29 at 16:18 -0400, Nick Couchman wrote:

>> If I understand the question correctly, I believe Stephen is asking
>> if you could limit support for SMBv1 to a single client, allowing
>> only that client to talk to the Samba server with SMBv1, while
>> forcing all other computers to talk with SMBv2/3, etc.

>> My thought is you could possibly do this using the include directive
>> in the smb.conf file to include a per-machine configuration file,
>> perhaps based on IP address. Something like this:

>> include = /etc/samba/clients/%I.conf

>> You could then have a configuration file specifically for that
>> machine that would lower the SMB protocol level down to 1, and all
>> other machines could use the default.

>> I might be off on that, it isn't something I've tried, but Samba's
>> support for configuration includes and variable substitutions gives
>> you some very flexible, very powerful options.

RPvs> Yes, but if all the other computers were using SMBv2 (at a minimum) how
RPvs> could they 'talk' to the computer that only used SMBv1 and how could it
RPvs> 'talk' to them ?

RPvs> Look at it this way, there are 20 people in a room, 19 only speak
RPvs> English and one only speaks French (or any language that isn't a
RPvs> variant of English), 19 people will understand each other, but the one
RPvs> person that doesn't speak English will not understand the other 19 and
RPvs> they will not understand the one.

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