[Samba] Azure AD Connect but domain functional level 2012_R2 not yet supported?

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Sat Jun 26 11:00:23 UTC 2021

Hi all, Andrew,

On 6/25/21 12:19 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> BTW, just a reminder that I would love to see this fixed, but it needs
> some user or a group of users to step forward to a Samba commercial
> support provider to get this dug into and fixed.

I work at a (somewhat) larger institute, and I could try talking to 
management to allocate some funding for this. But since we are EDU/GOV, 
it would definitely not be "large" sum of money.

I also already proposed this idea before: if there are similar 
people/institutes like us here, we could perhaps combine efforts, and 
'order' catalyst or sernet to improve on Azure sync functionality.

First step would be I guess to determine the approx sum of money 
required, and then find (preferably multiple) participants willing to 
share these costs.

Anyone interested?

> Likewise if anybody does really have the passwords being synced please
> pin down exactly what is the specific tweaks needed.

Strange enough I have been able to sync passwords in the past with a 
freshly provisioned test samba domain. But in our production domain 
(2008_R2, with 2012_R2 functionalprep/schemaupgrade) it never worked out 
without a WinDC.


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