[Samba] Azure AD Connect but domain functional level 2012_R2 not yet supported?

Andrew Martin amartin at xes-inc.com
Thu Jun 24 14:40:57 UTC 2021


I am interested in following the instructions here to test out Azure AD Connect
with local Samba DCs:

Per the above instructions, it looks like the domain functional level needs to
be raised to 2012_R2, but according to these pages, 2012_R2 is not supported yet
on Samba DCs:

Is there an ETA for support for 2012_R2?

Or, does Azure AD Connect only require that the Schema Level and Preparation
Level be raised to 2012_R2, but not the Functional Level? (the difference
between these 3 features is defined in the link below)

If so, what are the consequences of running the Schema Level and Preparation
Level at different values from the Functional Level (leaving the latter at
2008_R2)? It seems like running these at different values wouldn't be a
recommended configuration.

Moreover, what is the safe and correct way to raise any of these levels?
According to the following page, using samba-tool is not safe or recommended for
raising the Functional Level:

Yet it appears the Windows RSAT tool is also not supported:

Thanks for the help on all of these questions!


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