[Samba] AD/DC on EL8/Centos8 etc

Denis CARDON dcardon at tranquil.it
Tue Jun 15 12:17:21 UTC 2021

Hi Nick,

Le 15/06/2021 à 13:13, Nick Howitt via samba a écrit :
> Hi Gents,
> Do you know if anyone is maintaining packages for 
> EL8/Centos8/AlmaLinux8 etc with AD/DC support compiled in?

we have packages for EL8 for Samba 4.12 / 4.13 / 4.14 at 
https://samba.tranquil.it/redhat8/ with EL7 / EL8 documentation at 
. They are compiled and tested on AlmaLinux8. The spec file are ported 
from latest Fedora replacing MIT Kerberos with Heimdal and a dozen other 
small fixes. Note : they are some libs that may be incompatible with 
existing stuff (like libldb) so it is better to have a dedicated VM for 
your DC.

You can also take a look at Samba+ rpm packages from SetNet.



> Regards,
> Nick
> (resent as text only)

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