[Samba] SID history secondary group set bloat

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Jun 10 07:47:14 UTC 2021

On 10/06/2021 08:32, Ralph Boehme via samba wrote:
> Am 10.06.21 um 08:27 schrieb Weiser, Michael:
>> My question remains if there's a way to prevent SID history SIDs from
>> being mapped once they're no longer needed on a particular samba
>> server, to prevent unnecessary bloating of the secondary group list,
>> i.e. if there's a way to tell autorid (or nss) to recognize that
>> 472199(EXAMPLE\secret), 572198(EXAMPLE\secret) and
>> 301141(EXAMPLE\secret) are all the same group and only add gid 301141
>> to the UNIX token.
> ah, now I get it. :)

Hi Ralph, you might get it, but I don't, care to explain it ?


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