[Samba] 4.13.x for RHEL7/Centos7 and 4.14.x for RHEL8/Centos8+

vincent at cojot.name vincent at cojot.name
Tue Jun 8 14:45:06 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

I'm still producing rpm builds for RHEL7/Centos7 but I will stop at 4.12.z 
for RHEL7. I ran into an unsolvable gnutls issue with 4.14.z on EL7 so 
I've ditched the 4.14.5 build I had produced for EL7. It is very likely 
the 4.13.z builds for EL7 I had been producing are broken in the same way 
and so I will be evaluating rebuilding them on EL8 or dropping the EL7 

I have now LEAPP'ed my two DC's from RHEL7.9 to RHEL8.4 and I'm now 
running 4.14.5 on EL8.4

The build is here:


This is my first build of samba 4.14 for EL8, please report any issues.
As usual, it works fine for me but YMMV...

Thank you,


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