[Samba] Logging into Linux from Domain-joined Win10 desktop works for hostnames, not VIPs

vincent at cojot.name vincent at cojot.name
Sat Jun 5 19:56:41 UTC 2021

Hi All,

I've observed some strange thing and I know too little about Windows to 
figure out what's going on so I would love it if someone could shed some 

Here's the thing:

>From a win10 desktop, I PuTTY ssh to a server if I use PuTTY with the 
remote server's hostname but if I use a VIP hosted on the same server, my 
user gets prompted for a UNIX password (I'm not using SSH keys in this 
environment, only plain AD with bind).

In more detail:
my RHEL servers are joined to the domain using this:

# realm list
   type: kerberos
   domain-name: ad.lasthome.solace.krynn
   configured: kerberos-member
   server-software: active-directory
   client-software: sssd
   required-package: oddjob
   required-package: oddjob-mkhomedir
   required-package: sssd
   required-package: adcli
   required-package: samba-common-tools
   login-formats: %U
   login-policy: allow-realm-logins

>From any Windows10 desktop in the home, I can PuTTY without a password 
prompt to <hostname1.lasthome.solace.krynn>.

If I try to PuTTY to <floating1.lasthome.solace.krynn>, my user gets 
prompted for its password.

Any ideas? I'm just stumped.. (I don't use Win10 but some of my children 
do and one has a need to ssh from it to a Linux box).

Thank you,


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