[Samba] Best practice to import folders to Samba?

Anders Östling anders.ostling at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 10:57:14 UTC 2021

I am testing to setup a new lab domain, and so far all is good. 2 DC's
and 2 file servers are now in the domain, along with 2 windows 10
clients. Everything works as planned.
Now I would like to import a large set of data files from another
production domain. I have copied some folders into the new lab
domain's fileserver, but permissions and ownership of files are wrong.
The files have retained their old GID's that does not exist in the lab
So, I am looking for a method to strip off all ACL's and other
permission related data. either before or after the import (whichever
is easiest).
Once the files and folders are "clean", I would like to put them into
a number of prepared shares where they should inherit permissions,
ownership etc from the shared folder.

I have of course checked the wiki and about 99% of Internet, but cant
find any good and recent guide. Anyone here that have some advice?

Best regards!

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