[Samba] Samba does not response STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER when opening 2 objects with same lease key

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Jun 2 21:58:08 UTC 2021

On Wed, Jun 02, 2021 at 02:46:16PM -0700, haihua yang via samba wrote:
>According to MS-SMB2
>it should respond STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER when a client opens 2 different
>objects with the same lease key, but samba successfully opens both files
>and sends a lease break to the client. And since there are 2 fsp with
>different file_id sharing the same lease, the lease_timeout_handler does
>not find the right fsp to downgrade the lease, hence it keeps the lease in
>the breaking state if the client does not close the opens..
>Looks like the cause is in function lease_match_parser, it first compares
>the file id and NOT_GRANTED if it mismatches,
>5361         for (i = 0; i < num_files; i++) {
>5362                 const struct leases_db_file *f = &files[i];
>5364                 /* Everything should be the same. */
>5365                 if (!file_id_equal(&state->id, &f->id)) {
>5366                         /* This should catch all dynamic share cases.
>5367                         state->match_status =
>5368                         break;
>5369                 }

Do you have a wireshark trace we can look at or a torture test that
can reproduce this so we can track this down and add a regression
test for it ?

Thanks !


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