[Samba] DC upgrade: "Samba failed to prime database" (4.7.6-Ubuntu -> 4.14.6)

Daan Nusman d.nusman at re-lion.com
Sat Jul 31 14:18:11 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

I am in the procress of trying to upgrade a DC from a packaged 
"4.7.6-Ubuntu" to a self-compiled 4.14.6.

I copied a self-compiled version of Samba over to /usr/local/samba, and 
copied the config files, databases (private folder etc) from their 
typical debian locations too.

When I try to start the new samba with debug level 10, the syslog says:

Jul 31 16:02:43 ad1 samba[3001]: [2021/07/31 16:02:43.347737,  0, 
pid=3001, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)] 
Jul 31 16:02:43 ad1 samba[3001]:   samba version 4.14.6 started.
Jul 31 16:02:43 ad1 samba[3001]:   Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the 
Samba Team 1992-2021
Jul 31 16:02:43 ad1 samba[3003]: [2021/07/31 16:02:43.620010,  0, 
pid=3003, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)] 
Jul 31 16:02:43 ad1 samba[3003]:   exit_daemon: daemon failed to start: 
Samba failed to prime database, error code 22

I've seen this error documented on a downgrade, not an upgrade (see 

* Should this work or should I give up and go for a scary DC rejoin?
* If this should work, how can I find out more about what's going wrong? 
Let me know if I should provide config files, (what) logs, etc.

Thank you,

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