[Samba] Very slow copy for small files from Win 10 to Samba server

Campbell McLeay cmcl at dneg.com
Fri Jul 30 13:49:17 UTC 2021

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the reply.

> sounds like the client is doing repeated session setups. Try mounting
> the Samba share with net use to rule this out. If it persists, check
> with Wireshark if you still see the sessions setups. Session setups are
> expensive, so if the client is doing this repeatedly, slow performance
> is to be expected.

By 'session setups' do you mean tcp sessions, or some other protocol?

'net use' was initially a lot faster (41 seconds on the test case),
but on the second run, it slowed down to 2 minutes for the copy. I'll
do some more testing (and packet captures) as this seems an odd

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