[Samba] unable to Kerberos NFS mount after machine off overnight

Jason Keltz jas at eecs.yorku.ca
Wed Jul 21 17:16:16 UTC 2021


I have many Linux clients running winbind from  Samba 4.13.10 joined to 
our Samba 4.13.10 AD server, and mounting using Kerberos from multiple 
NFS servers.   If a machine stays on all the time, everything works 
fine.  If the machine is rebooted, everything also works as expected.  
On the other hand, if the machine is turned off, say overnight, then 
when it is turned back on in the morning, the machine gets a "permission 
denied" for all NFS mounts.  I believe the machine is still joined to 
the domain.  For example, I can successfully "getent passwd <user>".  I 
can "kinit <user>".  Everything works fine but NFS!  If I re-join the 
domain, then I can mount NFS shares from this machine right away without 
even a reboot.  I imagine there's some kind of "check in" timeout that 
is being exceeded.  If so, how often does this happen, and can I make it 
happen less frequently?



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