[Samba] howto optimize samba/kerberos for 20k requests per minute - help needed

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Mon Jul 19 14:00:02 UTC 2021

Am 19.07.21 um 12:07 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
> The other point worth mentioning is that, whether Openldap likes it or
> not, Openldap is on the way out. It is no longer available from RHEL 8
> by default, you have to get it from EPEL, red-hat seemingly wants you
> to use freeipThat is totally wrong. Only while RedHat don't know how to handle
OpenLDAP it's not dead. With OpenLDAP they manged up to 980k requests
per second (openLDAP 2.5) So I think Samba will never make this. And
comparing DS389 with OpenLDAP is like comparing a VW Beatle with a
Porsche. The reason Redhat is not supporting OpenLDAP any more you will
find here:


The knowledge and expertise, and thus ability to support OpenLDAP server
to the same level of confidence as our other offerings was limited.

And Redhat tells you that only a DS you are paying for is good:
First of all, the LDAP server is the core of the identity system. It
requires enterprise level support.

But who needs a LDAP-Server that  relay on Java with a Oracle license??

And so many things not working with DS389 you can do with OpenLDAP.

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