[Samba] No relay issue

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Jul 5 04:45:00 UTC 2021

On Sun, 2021-07-04 at 21:19 -0700, ToddAndMargo via samba wrote:
> Hi All,
> For some reason, my eMail server (mail.zoho.com) is
> killing any eMail sent to me from this mailing list.
> In order to track down why, I need the source of
> a message sent to me from this list.
> Would someone please respond to this message in
> the normal fashion but also add me as a Cc:
>     toddandmargo at zoho.com
> That way I can give the proper information to zoho
> to get them to stop blocking message from this list.

That CC won't get you the info you need.  What you want to know this

$ host -t MX lists.samba.org 
lists.samba.org mail is handled by 9 ns1.samba.org.
lists.samba.org mail is handled by 5 ns1.samba.org.
lists.samba.org mail is handled by 7 lists-mx.samba.org.
$ host lists-mx.samba.org
lists-mx.samba.org has address
lists-mx.samba.org has IPv6 address 2a01:4f8:192:486::1:0

My mail is on samba.org (which is a distinct system to lists.samba.org)
so I see this Received line:

Received: from [2a01:4f8:192:486::1:0] (port=29064 helo=hr1.samba.org) 
        by hr2.samba.org with esmtps
        id 1m0G5t-0000kE-Ju; Mon, 05 Jul 2021 04:20:29 +0000

This should help your provider sort things out,

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