[Samba] vfs_ChDir failed: Permission denied

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Jan 31 18:11:54 UTC 2021

On 31/01/2021 17:35, Marco Shmerykowsky wrote:
>>>> I think what happened was that Samba ignored your malformed line and
>>>> everything ended up in the default (*) domain. Now you have fixed the
>>>> problem, your users & groups will now have different numeric ID's, I
>>>> Do hope you don't have a lot of data on that computer.
>>> Unfortunately, there is a ton of data.  On the upside, I was planning
>>> to move all this data to a new server in the next week or two.
>>> Is there a way to fix this either on the existing server or
>>> the new server?
>> Your problem will be in identifying the correct owners of the files,
>> if everything looks okay now, I would very quickly setup a new Unix
>> domain member and copy everything to the new one, this should work,
>> but I would check  all ownerships on the new machine.
> It may not be such a big problem since ownership is really
> controlled by the group and not the user. Only one group can
> access the corresponding share directory.
> My migration plan was to copy the smb.conf file on the old
> server to the new server, create the same directories,
> apply permissions to the new directories and use scp to
> copy the data from old to the new.  Lastly, I would modify
> the group policies to point to the new server.
> Sounds reasonable?
> the old server to the new server.

That should work, provided you ensure that the smb.conf on the new 
computer is correct.

Having said that, if it is only the group you are worried about, just 
fix the smb.conf on the old computer (which at this stage could just be 
restarting Samba) and then fix the group ownership of the files and 


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