[Samba] Is it possible to 'getfacl' on a mounted samba share ?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Jan 24 17:02:43 UTC 2021

On 24/01/2021 16:30, Nicola Mingotti via samba wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed a Samba DC and a Samba based NAS to feed
> a mainly Windows computer network. It is all working very well.
> I am implementing the backup system right now and I found a problem 
> with permissions
> when working from Linux on the Samba shared directories.
> If i run "getfacl" and "setfacl"
> from the machine exporting the Samba disk it all works as expected. ok.
> I can see all files permission from Windows computers mounting the 
> Samba share. ok.
> But, If I try to run "getfacl" from a linux machine mounting the
> samba share I can't seen anything. Is it normal?

You have turned ACL's off on the 'sambaDisk' share by setting 'vfs 
objects = acl_xattr' in global and then 'vfs objects = shadow_copy2' in 
the share, try setting 'vfs objects = shadow_copy2 acl_xattr' in global 
(where it will affect all shares) or in the share (where it will just 
affect the share).


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