[Samba] confirm deletion - possible?

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Tue Jan 19 10:45:38 UTC 2021

Am 19.01.21 um 11:39 schrieb Rowland penny via samba:
> On 19/01/2021 10:25, Stefan G. Weichinger via samba wrote:
>>> Is it possible and configurable to ask something "are you sure? y/n" 
>>> if a user wants to delete a file/folder on a samba share?
>>> Is that possible by using Windows ACLs or ... ?
> No, ACL's just deny or allow access etc

ok. Any other way to implement such a confirmation?

>>> So I have to come up with some combination of ACLs etc
> Do you use the recycle bin ?

No, not yet. Worth a try, thanks.

>> I assume I have to follow the same steps for a Samba standalone server 
>> as for a DM server?
> Yes, just use vfs_acl_xattr in the standalone servers smb.conf

Great, will do, thanks.

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