[Samba] confirm deletion - possible?

Andrew Walker walker.aj325 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 10:38:09 UTC 2021

On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 4:23 AM Stefan G. Weichinger via samba <
samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> Is it possible and configurable to ask something "are you sure? y/n" if
> a user wants to delete a file/folder on a samba share?
Speaking in broad terms, you're up to the mercy of the OS / application
developer for the SMB client (or however you're accessing the SMB share) to
do this.

> Is that possible by using Windows ACLs or ... ?
Not really possible via ACLs (but I haven't had coffee yet). ACLs just
define what a user can do with a file. They don't prompt for confirmation.
For example, you can possibly set permissions in a way to create a
write-only dropbox for files.

Some thoughts:
vfs_recycle allows you to basically configure a hidden directory at the
root of your share that acts as a recycle bin. If users delete a file, it
gets moved there. One significant caveat is that if you have for some
reason mounted a filesystem within your SMB share and delete a file from
it, the deleted file will _not_ appear in the recycle bin. This one should
probably be at the end of your list of "vfs objects" if you choose to use

vfs_worm allows you to configure a "grace period" in which files in a share
are writable. Once the time difference between the file's ctime and the
current time exceeds the amount set as the share's grace period, the file
becomes read-only. This is useful if you have a share that's rarely edited
after initial upload. An example of this is a repository for digitized
images of legal documents. Once they're uploaded, there's little reason for
a user to be able to move around, edit, delete, etc.

vfs_shadow_copy2 allows you to present filesystem snapshots as "previous
versions" in windows. If the filesystem on which the share resides supports
some lightweight snapshotting mechanism (like ZFS), then you can set a
cronjob to snapshot the FS at periodic intervals and basically have
"unbreaking things" become self-service for end users. Okay... that's
probably too optimistic, but it will make recovery somewhat easier for the

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